set widget reflector application scale in

I always need to set the Widget Reflector APplication Scale when I open the editor because I have 4K monitors, and otherwise the text is all too small to read. Can I automate that process by putting a command in an file? Does anyone know the command I would need?

I’m answering my own question here. I solved this by wrapping the function that sets the application scale in a blueprintable function. Then I call it from python in a file that has to be named for Unreal to run it on startup. must be in the /Content/python/ folder (make it if it does not exist), or some other folder that is in the Editor’s python path. Here is the code:


#include "GPSetApplicationScale.h"
#include "Framework/Application/SlateApplication.h"

void UGPSetApplicationScale::SetScale(float Scale)


#include "GPSetApplicationScale.generated.h"

class GRANDPA_API UGPSetApplicationScale : public UObject
UFUNCTION(BlueprintCallable, Category="Smoketests")
void SetScale(float Scale);