Set visibility or Set Hidden ingame for specific player only (splitscreen, local multiplayer)


Simple question, but complicated answer I believe. Let’s say you place an actor Y in a level, then you have your 3rd person pawn controlled by Controller ID 0. A line trace by channel hits that actor Y and sets visibility OFF for that actor Y, so now the actor is invisible. How would you go about making it only invisible for Controller ID 0 or the pawn owner while keeping it visible for Controller ID 1 in splitscreen?

I found some stuff about ‘‘Set Owner see’’ but this only works for primitive component. What would solve the issue, is if there was visibility channels and set them to specific players.

Thank you people! It’s basically just to make walls invisible when the camera collides, and it looks kinda stuff when a wall disappear and the other players sees it.

No one has suggestions I could try…? I’m not asking to have the blueprints done for me, but a lead or something, I’m clueless right now. >.<

I don’t have an answer for you, but here’s a lead: Hiding certain objects from being drawn on a camera or SceneCapture2D object. - Unreal Engine Forums

This is probably too late but in case someone is looking for ideas relating to this. Try using “Is Local Controller” and then just branch to set visibility of specific walls.
I’ve used this in a top-down game when you go inside a building and the floors above the player go invisible, though this was only used this in normal multiplayer not split-screen so I don’t know if it will work for that.

I found a way to make it work, but it uses way too many resources and is overly complex. I decided to adapt my level design instead, I use the basic back face culling and even though I have to seam them so it doesn’t feel like debug, it is still less work than the other concept.

Anyways, if anyone finds a better way, you’re welcome to share it here. Might use it for another project who knows?