Set ViewTarget Whi Blend Back to ViewPort When Finish LevelSequence

Hi, A make a animation Start a Level Sequence and before Level Sequence finished my Viewport back to original camera state…

My Code is correct???

I also meet the problem,
the first,you need to know,after level sequence finish play,it will set the value of when finished to “Project Default”,If you want to keep the state of camera,you should do that Press the rightMouseButton at the Track Of sequencer,find the entry called “Properties”,then it displays a menu,then find the entry called “when finished”,it is a selector,to keep state of camera(Actor),you should choose “keep state” rather than “project Default”,If you want to keep state of all Tracks,you should do this on each Track,because each Track has its own Properties.
Complete the above operations,the state of camera at sequencer will be keep,That is what you want,just keep its state after play finished.
but,unfortunately,the “set view target with blend” is a ■■■■,because unreal engine always want to set your view target to origin coordinates once your camera lost.
Unfortunately,when Level Sequence End,the camera will lost Temporaily,then Unreal Engin will try to call the function “Set View Target With Blend”,and it will succeed.
You can use the following method to solve this problem.
1.Call API Called “Bind Event On Finished”,the Target is “Level Sequence Player Object”,When Play has finished,the event that you bind will be call
2. You can bind custom event,and write logic, call API called “Set View Target With Blend”,Target is “PlayerController”,New View Target is the Camera that you want to specify.
But,Unfortunately,you can’t avoid Unreal Engin Set ViewTarget to Origin Coordinates.
Even If you check the “Lock out going”,the “Screen Flickering” also will happen.
Obviously,the phenomenon is abnormal.
If you solve the Problem of “Screen Flickering”,Please Tell Me!

To Solve Screen Flickering,You Know,when you Set 3 times view Target,The Screen Flickering must happen.
So I decide Set 1 times View Target.
But How can I solve the camera lost?
I no longer use Level Sequence,I just define 2 variables about camera actor,and check “Instance Editable” at detail pannel of variable,at detail pannel of actor instance,specify variable as camera1 by “pick actor at scene”,the I can change the transform of camera actor in Blueprint,by combination of "Interp"node and event tick,I can achieve smooth changes of transform of camera actor.
The Screen Flickering no longer happens.
I thick it comply with the first principles.