Set view target with Blend using two cameras in a blueprint?

Why is it impossible to blend between cameras within a blueprint? Seems like I’m missing something. I know there are workarounds, but it just seems to me that this should work. Am I doing something wrong?

To switch between multiple cameras attached to the same Actor/Pawn… , here is the nodes you need:

Thanks for posting, but that’s not what I’m trying to achieve. Using this method, there’s no blending between the cameras.

Yeah I’m seeing this at the moment too. The blend doesn’t occur when you’re changing the active Camera component and then setting “View target with Blend”. I used the deactivate node as well, although the newer “Set Active” has a New Active bool on it which I imagine is all that’s needed anyway. Is it the case that there’s nothing to Blend from if the old camera component is inactive?

If you hook up the Camera Actor you want to change to in the “New view target” it will blend (transition from current camera to that one) automatically. The node you are trying to input the camera is a enum list of differnet transition animations.