Set View Target with Blend Lag

I am using the “Set View Target with Blend” node to create a spectator mode in a first person multiplayer game.
However, I am experiencing some lag/choppy movement when doing so.
Has anyone had similar issues or know any fixes?

I’m having the same challenge, any help would be great

Problem is camera is likely attached to the capsule, you really want the camera to be focusing on the Skeletal Mesh. (IE camera component attached to the skeletal mesh).

The way CMC works is, the capsule is always moved, and this is not smooth. The skeletal mesh is what actually is smoothed.

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You’re a life saver thank you!

Maybe a bit late, but the lag from the “Set View Target with Blend” could come from the Focus shift. For me the “Set Focus to Game View port” Node fixed the lag after switching Cameras. Screenshot is from my FPS Char. For me the problem came because i used the mouse cursor in a Menu, after switching back the game was in a wired half in half out mode with the View Port which was Visually notable as camera Lagging