Set View Target with blend can't look up

i have my player camera switch to a camera in another actor that mimics the player movement, everything works apart from looking up and down.
when i switch the camera looking up and down stops updating but looking left and right still works.
the actor mimics the player perfectly before the camera is switched following the movement including looking up and down, its once the camera is switched that it stops updating.

Any help appreciated, Thanks

Hey, did you ever get this figured out? I’m having a similar issue.

I believe setting the player camera to “use pawn control rotation” is what fixed the problem for me.
If this does not work let me know and i’ll upload my working version of it.

Yeah, I’ve got that checked in my other actor. And the really weird thing is that when I switch back to my player camera the up and down orientation is what it should have been from my other actor. I can post pictures of my setup if that would help

Heres a basic first person project on 4.25 with a working version

The basics of how it works is the player miror blueprint will update its position and rotation to match the player every tick, along with an offset of however far away you want it to be from the player (+5000 Y)

In the first person character blueprint, in constuction you get all actors of class “player mirror” then set a variable “playerMirror” to be that found actor (you can only have 1 player mirror with this version). (there is most likely a better way to find the player mirror but iv not looked into it yet)

in event graph have an input flipflop “set view target with blend” one with “new view target” set to “playerMirror” and the other set to player character.

use pawn control rotation is required with this but only on the player not the player mirror.

Hope this helps. If not feel free to ask and i’ll try to show and explain how to make it work.

You can see it working in this video from my game where it is being used

I could be wrong but that appears to be a completely blank project?

So I’m not exactly seeing what you are meaning. I get the idea of just updating the rotation manually, but I’m just not sure why the horizontal movement is working when the vertical don’t.

Maybe explaining what I’m trying to do a bit more will help, cause I’m not exactly sure what in that video would help me. (The game looks good though) I’m just trying to have the player switch to iron sights. The camera for that is attached to the weapon mesh which is a different blueprint. At this point I’m guessing just manually updating is probably my best bet.

Apologies, seems zipping up the project did not work. Heres an actual working project

As for making an iron sights i quickly tried to throw together a working version based on my system but i cant get the gun itself to update position for some unknown reason. Whilst you might be able to get it to work, i am unsure as to how well this system would work for you. as it updates on event tick it could be an unnecessary tax on the system.

Look into child blueprints and adding the gun blueprint itself to your player camera so it will automaticly inheret the movement.

Hope this helps.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions about the system.

I was fiddling with your setup and I found that this actually works perfectly.

Thank you for your help!

Great to hear
Glad i could help