Set view target with blen in 4.26.2

I am trying to follow this old_ish tutorial regarding set view target with blend (HTF do I? Change Cameras in Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints - YouTube). But when the camera moves to the new target it loses the controls to move and look around.
I am using player start as reference points.
any help is appreciated.

Cameras have no control themselves. They only seem to as part of a pawn or character.

So it you’re blending from a pawn to a bare camera, it will have no control.

Actually the same thing happened if I try to blend between two player start pawn.
All what I am trying to do is create an UI than when you click the button it takes you to a different location. I’ve seen this done many times but I don’t know how it is done. Any ideas?
Thanks for the answer

After the camera blend, you need to possess the pawn…

Thanks man for the input, but I can’t make it work, I am not good at blueprint stuff.

I have this setup but still just change the view and losses the controller.

Close :slight_smile:

The view target takes 2 seconds, but the possess is immediate. Try putting a delay of 2 secs between the two.

I’m assuming this is a pawn you can control if you just drop it in the level?

First, thank you very much for answering. I haven’t had much luck asking stuff in this forum, thanks.

Sadly still doesn’t work. I placed the delay and it didn’t make difference, now I believe that the problem is when it does the new target view, it take the location of my Player start2, but only that, I can see the gizmo of the player controller in the screen staying in place. When I place the posses with the delay, the view moves to the new location and after the delay it send me back to the original start place LOL
I am attaching other screen shot, I have created a simple set actor location with a keyboard key. That one works fine, but it doesn’t do the fancy traveling.

I wonder on the posses node, the ‘in Pawn’ input why I can’t use the PlayerStart2 node? if I use Get Player Pawn it think is the original starting Pawn( PlayerStart1), not the new Starting pawn (PlayerStart2)

I see it now, sorry should have noticed. When you use view targets, the new target has to be an actor with a camera. So a pawn is good ( as long as it has a camera ), but a player start is no good because it has no camera.

So, the view target node, moves between two actors, both of which are supposed to have cameras.

I see, OK I’ll try that and hopefully ti works.
Thank you very much.

You can hit a button and then spawn cameras (spawn-actor → camera) into the level at each player-start. Then you can blend between them using set-view-target. When you’re ready to take back control, you can teleport the Pawn (or use set-actor-location), to the correct player-start (or note or whatever placeholder you’re using as that’s all they are).

That said, over time, you may want to drop that solution, as you have no real control. You can get the same effect by just moving a single unattached camera using a BP script inside an RInterpTo / VInterpTo loop / tick [source location → destination]. Why care?

Well blending with set-view-target doesn’t tell you when its finished. You can use a delay, but it may fire too early or too late depending on FPS. More importantly, you can’t synchronize other things while the blend is going on. So its kinda like handing over control to a robot / autopilot. :wink:

I think the OP wants control once the blend has taken place…