Set Velocity no working.


I have the 2 setting, but the Set Velocity is not overriding my original. I tried to set X to 0, but then the balls just go straight up.

BP - Spawning my Projectile


Initial Speed


Initial Velocity - If I set initial velocity to 10000, still does not vary, in this case shown below, the ball just goes straight up in the air.


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An easy way to work around, time to find a better solution, can be to “get velocity” “multiply by float” with a variable that you can change when you want and “set velocity”.


I have now set it up this way, and it is giving my different result through the print string, yet the ball is landing in the same spot. Still confused.



I was thinking about that to not have this effect:

You should try just setting the discs transform when it is spawned to be what you want… then the projectile will fire in that location, rotation and scale. A projectile only gets “shot” once and travels along its x-axis. I would split the pins on the transform and the rotation and do the randomness thing there. The objects velocity will be handled by the physics engine based on its initial speed setting.

The static mesh I have here moves and rotates in world space but the projectile always spawns from in front of it. You should be able to apply the same principle to what you are trying to do.


Your probably not going to do anything physics related to the reference to your freshly spawned actor… let physics handle that. If you want to alter the arc you should change the discs mass or the initial speed. Of course you will want to apply the math for the randomness to the rotation not the location.