Set Vector Parameter Value strange behaviour

Hi, I need some help to sort out a problem I’m having related to setting a vector value on a Material Istamce Dynamic.

I’m creating a game where you can paint furniture, sand them and paint them again.

I created for every mesh I want to be paintable a Material Instance Dynamic in order to control the paint color and the mask to show it.

Now the event to Paint an object that is already in the level is working: I take the details of the paint color from the inventory and apply it to the dynamic material.

The player can as weel pick up furniture in his inventory and spawn them into the level again. Obviusly I want the furniture to be in the same state as it was picked up.I store every variable I need in the inventory and them when I spawn the object I set to it all this variables and use them to manipulate its dynamic material. But in this case, when the object is spawned, the Set Vector Parameter doesn’t work. It’s so strange because I know for sure that all the variables are right, and float variables works as a charm.

I know it’s a little bit complicated, I don’t know if I explained myself.

I’ll be happy if someone could help me!

After spawning, have you assigned the MID to the newly spawned mesh?

Yes, I have! The fun thing is that I set another vector parameter earlier on that line and it works, only this one doesn’t!

The only thing I thought is that, even if not documented, there is a limit of the parameter you can set or something similar, but it’s so strange…

Nope, no limit. Try printing the color and see what you get.

I have already done it, toggling the set vector parameter and watching the color values, it’s all right, I really don’t get it. Tomorrow I’ll attach a screen!

Then I’m guessing you have the parameter name wrong… ? Hmmm… no.

I made this

I can press O until cube1 looks interesting, then P spawns another cube with the same mat:


I see, but the case here is that the node is working in every other situation except here, it’s so strange.

Here you can find the video I made to make you see everything is allright, except that node

PW is ue4forum

OMG I feel so stupid, it was a misspelled in the mask scalar parameter, oh my, so stupid!

Sorry and thank you for your patience!

Told ya! :wink: Thing is, there’s no error, eh?..