Set variable from an object reference variable not working? Bug or Not?

What am I doing wrong?

I’m just starting out with the multiplayer directly in UE5 and maybe is not a bug and I miss something with the rules to comunicate with the player state :

  1. The player Controller Cast a Rep Notify of the Player State Variable Correctly

  2. In an Actor Component of our pawn after the Rep Notify it check if the PAWN is the server or the client correctly.

  3. With the ref of our Player state we get the variable health (and others) CORRECTLY.

    四........ The health value is 300 but when it try to set it got 0.

You can see upward that we are the listen server with the server pawn

Another strange think to know is that the event below that is exactly the same think for the clients WORKS FINE.

Please help ! :sob:

Found the issues. It was too fast… The Player State was not Setted yet.