Set Value As Object and Get Blackboard only working on begin play

In my game I have copied the content from a (FREE TO USE!!!) car ai project which I needed for my game. This included the level blueprint in which two nodes which were get blackboard and set value as object were present. While I am still unsure what these do they only seem to work when I spawn my enemy car ai and run that node on event begin play, but the problem is I need to run it at a certain event and not at the beginning of play, because I end up with multiple instances of the enemy car to run the blackboard nodes on, which I cannot reference before they have been spawned.

I try to refernce them at the same time I spawn them but it just doesnt work, so I tried it with it referncing every tick, (shown in the picture) but that doesnt work either. I need a fix urgently so if someone could please help it would be appreciated.