Set User Focus loses mouse focus

Edit: I have discovered this only happens when In Widget to Focus is not null. Also the same behavior is observed when calling Set User Focus after a call to Set Input Mode UI Only.

I’ve been having lots of frustration switching between “Set Input Mode UI Only” and “Set Input Mode Game Only” when I switch between gameplay and menus. The issue is that whenever the transition happens the mouse focus is lost from the game. It seems to happen regardless if the app is running in the editor, windowed, or fullscreen.

It’s absolutely driving me nuts; I feel like I don’t want to have to work around this bug when it seems like the purpose of this feature is the exact use case that I am trying to implement. Please halp!


OS: macOS High Sierra

Engine: 4.18.3

These events exist on Game Instance:

Which are triggered in the MainMenu map’s BeginPlay event:

And in the Encounter GameInstance:

And then if the Encounter was won the input mode is returned to Game Only:

Hey there, can you show a screenshot of how you are using those nodes?

Are you saying that when you open a menu you can’t see your mouse cursor?

No, the app loses focus completely; the cursor becomes visible and a click is required to regain mouse and keyboard input

Also I should mention this is on macOS High Sierra running engine 4.18.3

I found out this is an open issue UE-52561 as reported here: