Set up save/ load system

Hello everyone, i am fairly new to programming and UE4, so i have a noob question concern save/ load system. I have a bunch of different blueprints, each of them got around 4 and 5 values need to be stored into a save game, so what should i do? Set up a big save game class that in charge of storing every values of every blueprint instance or make a bunch of small save game class that each of them is in charge of a separate blueprint?
Thank you very much for reading this far.

Hey there,

just thinking about it. Creating one big saveclass could be bad. If you only fill in the parts variables that you want to save at a given time, you may override the others with empty variables.

So i would go and create small classes for this OR make sure that you have a save call, that always collects all information for a savegame and saves it.

So that you can’t save parts of it but only the whole game. Most of the time, things to be saved are the character. And you can get this character with “GetPlayerCharacter” in all you classes.

I can’t give you a more specific answer, because i don’t know what you want to save at all. If you can’t create a big Savegame file and save everything in one rush, then you will need to create more savegame class and split it up.