Set up Input for Steel Series Nimbus Controller?

I’m using UE4 on a mac and I’m trying to setup a SteelSeries nimbus controller to work with my game input. When I add gamePad button inputs in the project settings. The buttons don’t work. Setting up axis controls for the joystick works though. My controls work just fine using the keyboard and mouse. Has anyone else had issues with this. My game uses the side scroller template. So, I’m not sure if that’s an issue or not. Any help would be great!

do you still need this? I’ve found a way to make it work although it does have some issues

I need help with it please. I have the Android version and want to use the buttons. If you have found a way that would be great. Thanks

Hi ,

I know this post is old but I am trying to get a nimbus controller to work with the level editor? Is this possible. I also saw that you were able to set up an xbox controller. Could you please explain the steps with screenshots? Thanks:)

Was looking into this myself and a co-worker reported that the Nimbus controller is only supported with packaged builds.

We’re looking for workarounds that may fix this problem, but may use a Xbox/PlayStation controller for development in the meantime.

If that helps:

MFi controllers have analog buttons, so technically the “buttons” should work as axis (and then you need to check if they’re above a certain threshold).

From my experience, the mapping is all over the place, though.