Set up 2 player controls and the players


I’m very new to Unreal and I’m wondering how to set up movement/attack controls for 2 players (for local multiplayer). Do I set this up in Blueprints for each player? Or, do I set this up in the project settings (I’m not sure how to set up the project settings for 2 players)?

Also, since this is going to be a PvP game, how do I get both players spawning at the beginning of the game?

Thank you for your patience and understanding! :slight_smile:

Checkout the official Blueprint Networking Tutorials. They’re pretty good.

I have looked at these tutorials but does this translate to local multiplayer?

Yeah that looks like it is for multiplayer over network, and Comixian wanted multiplayer on the same device/console/computer, like for example two gamepads plugged into the same Xbox One.

I am also having the same ideia as Comixian.
Just saw the link but what I was looking for was not with the networking setup but to know what is the best option for local Two-player setup. Do I set this up in two different Blueprints with two player controllers? Or, do I set this up in the project settings? I have tried from the project settings but it feels like there is a better way so that the players could have different features. What is the best way