Set UMG Widget Scale for multiple devices

Hey, I’ve run into something I’m unsure of regarding widgets and mobile game deployment. I have a game that I’m trying to finish up for mobile, and it works for the most part so far on my phone, but I’m not sure what to do about the UI widgets. I know how to set the scale so that they fit one device, but what about numerous devices? There’s so many different tablets and phones out there, how do I go about setting the scale for so many different devices? Almost every option I click on in the UMG Screen Size is different, which is what concerns me. Also, what happens when it comes to tablets, or different sized devices? How can I move the content in a widget to adjust in size and location whenever there’s a bigger/smaller device? Thanks in advance!

Slate and UMG inherently automatically scales to screen size and dpi of device screen, you can read about it here:

Also in this case canvas anchoring is quite important too, so your widget will be properly placed on different screen ratios

Thanks for the links! The Scaling one was the one I was looking for. I wasn’t quite sure which section of the documentation this was in. Appreciate the help!