Set Transformation on Parent of Child Actor Component results in different editor / ingame location

If in the editor the location of an Actor with Child Actor Components is changed, the appearance in the editor is correct but ingame the childs are at old location.
I was able to reproduce this in a sample project with only starter content.

The Bug:

  1. If I move a managed chair in editor by hand.


  1. Trigger manager to reset the position of managed object by changing a variable on the manager instance, in details panel.

  1. If I start the game, the child actor component is at old location

If I insert a step between 2/3 to set the position by hand in details panel, the chair is at correct position.

How to reproduce:

  1. Create empty project with starter content.
  2. Open content folder in explorer
  3. Create folder \Content\StarterContent\Blueprint
  4. Copy ChairBP, Manager, Parent.uasset in
  5. place Parent outside of the plane, add tag “Managed”
  6. place Manager, in editor the chair is at correct position
  7. start, chair is at old position

[migrated and exported files][5]

Maybe interesting behavior related to this I’ve observed:
If I use “Set Actor Transform [x] teleport” in Construction Script of the manager to change the parent position it works for Child Actor Component and the Instanced Meshes.
If I use the exact same “Set Actor Transform” at runtime, everything except the Child Actor Components are moved. So the “Set Actor Transform” works different in editor / at runtime.
I can handle this case, calculating the offset and at runtime set every child actor component to the new position.
Like this bug, I experienced a lot of bugs related to objects with “child actor components”. Most of the time, it helps to destroy and recreate the object. Sometimes I just had to clone the class and change every Child Actor Component to this class. The last one occured multiple times too, so I just switch beween the copy and original class. This raises the question for me, is this known behavior or could this be an indicator for other problems with the pc like RAM/SSD/Driver/Defender errors?

[Example Project with Video][6]
The sha256sum of the archives, which are rar5.
c476fdd976b8b03402c3087b85bee4d96553bc963b7b772d4fd9c0465e20218b BugReport001.part1.rar
2893ebec47f448d67b0b85e5a0730e6e5d790d077364486f57178e1b5988c680 BugReport001.part2.rar
928a9cf85d5a6478bef20654f9c1ecb46e1e379382ddf088c9e0ce0b318cb55c BugReport001.part3.rar
66006aacb924178045ca3f56b3270fa610859c77386e4c2c562c5781139774d8 BugReport001.part4.rar
f5273dbfa60bd439f4ad12827723e343b2201007f08a3e0e7bece1e22c44d635 BugReport001.part5.rar
987df7380eeea413fbf10f394fc66cf075032a82a97af10274efc0c5b0785e23 BugReport001.part6.rar
cae45b797caef17be5cf7ab672e681fdbfcfe3b22b698f289debbb308565fb8f BugReport001.part7.rar


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One question, I reported it there, got a mail request to provide a minimal project. I created it and replied to the email with HiDrive link, because I got no reply and cant find it in issues, was it correct to just answer the email or is it needed to add the sample project in specific place?