Set Timer with Function Name - Bad Function Name or Object

Desperate for some help and insight. I have been working on this problem for days and cannot understand what I am doing incorrectly. I am very new to Unreal Engine, so please forgive any obvious oversights on my part.

The asteroid blueprint calls a function called “DisplayRedX” which displays a Widget. I then wish to hide the widget after a brief pause. So I use “Set Timer by Function Name” to call a function which is named “123”. This function is meant to render the widget invisible. HOWEVER, the function is never called. I have confirmed this with a “Print String” command.

Both functions are contained in the same blueprint: “Asteroid”

In searching the Output Log, I receive a message “LogBlueprintUserMessages: Warning: SetTimer passed a bad function (123) or object (None)” This message is sent every time I expect the “123” function to be called.

Some of the things I have tried:

  • renaming the function to a simple form, to avoid capitalization or spacing issues
  • defining the Object reference in the “Set Timer” command as “Asteroid” which is the object that contains both functions that are in use.
  • stripping the “123” function of all commands except for “Print String” to ensure that poor functionality inside the function is not resulting a bad call

I have included a screen shot of the function “Display Red X”.

I appreciate all of your help.