Set timer by function name on inherited function


Blueprint A has function 1
Blueprint B is a child of Blueprint A
Blueprint B is trying to “Set a Timer by Function Name” using function 1’s name, but the timer doesn’t seem to work.

I made sure I wasn’t setting the timer multiple times. Testing the node with another function works normally. The problem is with inherited functions, even if I override them.

Is it possible to set a timer on an inherited function?

Link: Screenshot - 302745d3db729dc844c66424a8bac95e - Gyazo

Oh, that must be it!
My function does have a dummy output. I did that so the overridden function wouldn’t show up as an event in the child bp. Thanks for the response!

Result: Screenshot - dec65a13507db2bc380b083cee483b7f - Gyazo

Everything Works as expected even with ovverriden Function Call

Does your Function has Inputs/Output Parameters? Because that won´t work since your Set Timer by Function name cant pass Parameters in.