Set Timer by Function Name does not work

I am trying to do a fire function that spawns bullets until I tell it to stop. I have the Fire function but if I try to call it with the “Set Timer by Function Name” ( as seen here: it does not trigger the function. The function is inside the same BP.

What is most interesting is that other functions in the same BP work as expected with the Set Timer. If I try to move everything from “Fire” to “Reload” and call Reload wit the Set Timer, it works. Any ideea why only that one function does not work? (The fire function is just a Print string, so nothing to give error)

Fire is not the same as fire. Maybe?

Set-Timer-By-Function-Name is a liability… Its just too easy to change an Event name on a whim and completely forget about dependent timers bound to it… Overall, its safer to use Set-Timer-By-Event and link the event using **Create Event **etc… That’s a Tip from an Epic Livestream. Try it, you’ll never look back… :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for the tip :smiley: I will try to use this from now on.

WIll just jump in here and say thank you :slight_smile: Could not get my “Set timer by function name” to work! And this saved me a lot of time searching for a solution to fix that!