Set Timer By Event not running

Hell, have a new project, and functions that calles by BeginPlay event, not working at all. This in the Level blueprint.

UPD: it’s runnig, but not calls Set Timeer By Event

Screenshot: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Solve: Pawn collided with the floor on spawn, I lefted up the collider box

There is no screenshot. But… I didn’t know it was possible to call that event, how are you doing it?

The screenshot is not working.

I’ve already replaced this by calling the event, still not working

Might be syntax - Begin Play is supposed to call the functions?

and functions that calles by BeginPlay

is probably

and functions called by BeginPlay

Yes- Solved!

Instead of Spawning, put a Print String - does this work?

How did you solved it??? I put set timer by event after BeginPlay it is not working !

How do you know it’s not working - could you show how you’re checking it?