Set Timer by Event in parent not running in child actor

Hey all! I have 2 child blueprints from 1 parent.

This the custom event I setup (as a test) in the parent blueprint:

The expected behavior would be when this is called, it would spam “Yes”. When I call the “Child” custom event in the 2 child blueprints, one works fine, but the other doesn’t do anything.

When I debug the parent class at runtime, I can see the “Child” custom event being fired into the Set Timer, but nothing occurs.

In the working child:

In the not working child:

Has anyone seen this kind of behavior and know how to fix this? I can’t think of anything except remaking one of the child from scratch which would be very time consuming…

Just figured it out… I’m an idiot…

In the non working child blueprint, I have a custom event called Relay03 as well. So the timer was pointing to that instead of the Print Yes function. Renaming the custom event to “Relay03_Parent” works.

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