Set timer by event/function name

So I’ve managed to set timers by event and function name but I’m having trouble resetting the actual count. I have a timer that counts down from 100 while I press and hold a button. If I release the button then press it again the count picks up where it left off, which is fine. But once it reaches zero the count doesn’t reset back to 100,how can I reset the count?. I originally assumed that clear and invalidate would do that job but it doesn’t. I’m sure I’m missing something very simple.
any help would be very much appreciated

Every time you set a timer it should update the old timer unless if you are pausing and resuming it by the TimerHandle. How exactly are you executing this?

Wow! I feel stupid lol
the problem had nothing to do with the timer.
the problem was I needed to reset my integer value back to 100 inside my function