Set timer by event bug

I set timer by event, but it works strange. It doesn’t check Time and executes next code immediately. If i set up looping, it does first iteration without delay, but the second iteration - normally in Time delay value.

I don’t think it is a bug.

You call the event TimeEvent by press F key, so the first print is executed immediately.
Next print is triggered by the event TimeEvent.

So I think it is very normal, and everything is fine.

Then why do we need a timer without looping if is executed immediately?

You are right. It is not necessary to use a timer, if just want to execute a function once. But this timer is with looping.

What kind of timer are you trying to set up exactly? A clock, calendar, 1:1 timer (e.g. a RTS timer that reads how long you have played for) or a timer that runs for as long as you are holding the button?

For example, holding the button 10 seconds.

Why not use once? For example, control pressed button time or time effects in rpg. Looping it’s optional function.