Set Third Person Character as “prisoner” in the middle of the scene

Hi everybody,
I started working with Unreal Engine a month ago and I’m developing an application that will go to a museum in a touchscreen (Windows Touch) …
The goal is to have the virtual reconstruction of an old ship in the center of the scene and move around with a camera (controlled by the touchscreen). See the attachment.
I created the scene from the third person template and put the character in the center of the scene as a “prisoner" in the boat, because the behavior of the camera follow (with spring arm) was what I wanted as final result: the camera moves all around the ship and when it arrives at the sea level it zooms towards the boat hull.
The problem is that, once all the boat model is inserted, something in the character settings is no longer working and it seems that the changes I make in the character blueprint (changing arm length for example, I also removed the motion functions from the character to make it stands in the middle of the boat) are no longer updated in the preview … and now the camera revolves around 360 degrees passing through the sea and any other object, including the “camera blocking volume"… I really don’t know how to fix this … can anyone help me please?

If you need further info I’ll be glad to tell you.

Thanks in advance


Would suggest the spring arm and camera combo are best attached to the ship itself…

ok, thank you…so you suggest to delete the character…I try