Set the device in an array by choosing the event binding first.

I want this hud message to show when a player spawns. Currently we need to add a hud message device AND a player spawn pad to our world in order to link them together using event binding. Would be cool if we could link arrays via the event we need. So for my example I want the hud message to show up on player spawned. It would be very useful if we were able to click the second dropdown in Index [0] first, before choosing a device from the first dropdown in Index [0]. If an event binding is chosen first from the second dropdown then it would be great if it checked to see if any devices that have that event binding option are in the world then allow them to be selected from the first dropdown on Index [0]. If the device has not been added in the world then it would prompt you to add one of the devices that has the event binding option you selected. the option to select a device that has that option of on player spawned and if it doesn’t exist in the Outliner yet then it will ask if I want to add the new device in order for the on player spawned to have something to attach to.


Hopefully this makes sense! If there are any questions let me know!

Thank you for your feedback. While cannot guarantee a response, I can confirm that this has been forwarded to the appropriate team.

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