Set Target Arm Length, Third Person Character, Blueprint not Working

I put together this blueprint, the CameraDistance input is set to my mouse wheel, the idea was that when I scrolled the Spring Arm (named Camera Boom) would get longer or shorter. I have scroll down set to -1 and up to 1. However, when I compile and run it, nothing happens when I scroll. Any suggestions?

hi! did you solved this issue? i’m having the same one. thanks!

ok solved it… it appears a bad reference sneaks in or something. i created a new game mode, ran that one, then switched back, all ok.

I wanted to know how to do the same thing that you wanted and when I found this post I tried your little blueprint.
After tweaking with things for a while, I found a pretty simple solution!


In your project settings, delete the mouse wheel up and down in the axis mapping for the target arm length and put the mouse wheel axis with a scale of 1.0.


Now I simplified a but your blueprint because some of the stuff was unnecessary. Take a look:


Nope… I have no idea how it worked for you tho…

Sure, it is a bit more complex, but it allows limits and supports both First Person and Third Person perspectives.