Set Start and End for Spline Meshes at Runtime

Hello everyone,

I have a problem and I’m wondering if this is linked to a bug in Unreal.

With my Character, I’m able to build a spline at runtime (to make a conveyor like system).

I want the enemies to be able to break the Spline Meshes at the location of the attack. To do so, I get the hit component from a line trace and in the Spline Component blueprint, I destroy the component that is hit.

I want the player to be able to rebuild these broken meshes. To do so, everytime a Spline Mesh Component is destroyed, I find its reference in the array of all the Spline Meshes present on my spline (see screenshot) and store its index in a Interger array.

To rebuild it, I get this Integer array and do a For Each Loop and I add a new Spline Mesh Component.

This is where I’m having trouble understand what is going on, Everytime I use the “Set Start and End node” for the Spline Mesh as in the screenshot 1, my mesh is updated but at at a location which does not make sense at all (Screenshot 1).

If I use only the “Set Start” and leave the End without any input, the Spline Mesh starts correctly and is corretly display (screenshot 3).

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong ?

Thank you in advance,