Set specific value in Blend Space for the Axis (without playing with the Number of Grid Divisions)?

The current settings (Maximum Axis Value = 600; Number of Grid Divisions = 4) only allow to place animations in limited values (Speed: 150, 300, 450 and 600). How do I set a customized Vertical Axis value for my Animation Sequence, without playing with the Number of Grid Divisions?

You right-click the animation *snapped *to the Grid Division (that you want to have a custom value, which in this case, I suppose is the little orange square)


…and disable Snap to Grid:


Thank You! I noticed a problem: when the little orange square is placed too low in the Grid and you right-click it, the Snap to Grid option won’t show on the screen. Report Bug?

I’ll make sure that the problem will be solved before… Wait, that’s just me!