Set Skeletal Mesh how to keep the current pose


UE 4.11 Why does not this input

Hello everyone, I have a problem.I set my character when I press a key when you replace a skeletal mesh, but my character in jump or ragdoll simulation, I replaced the skeletal mesh, the character will not be to keep the current pose, and does not continue simulation ragdoll.You can give me some guidance? Thank you.

I’m not sure if I understand your issue but if you would just get a mesh again into your Capsule after ragdoll then attach the Mesh to the CapsuleComponent via “AttachToComponent” and do some “SetRelativeTransform” (with a transform stored at BeginPlay or before you start the ragdoll) with your mesh.

Sorry, my English is not good, I use Google translation. Now I uploaded a video to illustrate my problem

When I set my skeletal mesh, skeletal mesh does not keep the current pose, it becomes idle pose and floating in the air, I would like to know how you can continue to keep the current position after setting SkeletalMesh

Thank you for your help:)

I too would like to know this. When replacing one skeletal mesh with another I need it to be in the exact same position/pose

Ue4.12 can solve this problem:D

how so. Any info?