Set Simulate Physics causes skeletal mesh to fall through floor only if called from blueprint

I have a character with a skeletal mesh that I want to ragdoll at a certain point during my game. When I check ‘Simulate Physics’ in the details panel of the skeletal mesh, everything works as expected and the mesh ragdolls onto the ground when I press Play. But when I turn off ‘Simulate Physics’ in the details panel and call ‘Set Simulate Physics’ through blueprints, the skeletal mesh falls through the floor. I’ve made sure that collision is enabled on the floor and my skeletal mesh but it doesn’t fix the issue. Any ideas or help on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Did you ever figure this out? I’m dealing with the exact same thing. It’s a zombie character from that Maximo AnimPack from Epic. As soon as I set the simulate physics through the BP i set for it the enemy falls right through my built items. frustrating, im using 4.12 now and it still happens.

I am also curious about this.

same problem using character capsule component simulation physics in 4.26.1 , checked all collision presets , don’t know why

I have the same issue - enabling physics during runtime in BP acts different than activating it on the actor in the level. I found a tutorial for 4.18 that claims that you have to actually destroy the capsule component because otherwise it will collide with the parent: - YouTube … didn’t help me though

I found the issue. I also found out how to fix it. So, as you know, there is a details panel for Third Person Character. That is the focus. There is a sub-section for mesh and capsule component collision presets. However, the one for the mesh needs to be changed to BlockAll. The one for the capsule component needs to be changed to the spectator. This will fix it. The rest, if you changed, needs to go back to default unless you prefer it that way.

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I fixed the issue. I also tested everything with “Simulate Physics” included. Please read my answer. Have a good day, guys.