Set Scroll Bar Visibility, not working

First time I try “Set Scroll Bar Visibility”. Pretty simple stuff, and it doesn’t work. I went ahead and made a print with the visibility status, and it always returns “Visible” even when the node of “Set Scroll Bar Visibility” goes through. Not sure why it wouldn’t work. Does extra setup need to happen for “Set Scroll Bar Visibility” to work? I tried hidden, not scrollable. Nothing seems to change whatever I select it. It is ignored.


Here’s the thing, have a look at these two, especially at their targets:


ScrollBox is a widget container that you can add children to and scroll it around using a ScrollBar - the actual bar you drag with your mouse. You are collapsing just that bar and then checking if the entire ScrollBox widget is still visible. Sure it is, but its ScrollBar is collapsed.

In my image, the top one sets the visibility of the ScrollBox, and the bottom one the visibility of the Scrollbox’s ScrollBar.