Set Scale of Static Mesh using values from a datatable (BP)

Hi all,

I’m working on a game with a lot of framed paintings, all with specific sizes.
I thought I would use a datatable containing the names of the paintings, their sizes as well as the paths to the images representing the paintings to speed up the process of importing them into the game.

I created an actor BP with a plane component and an exposed variable “Name”, and the point of that Blueprint is that if the Name variable matches the name of a datatable row, then I would use the “Width” and “Height” values stored in the datatable to scale my mesh properly.

However, when I Begin Play, as you can see from the screenshot a matching datatable row is found but the “Out Row” node doesn’t fire, so nothing is changing. The scale of my actor remains 1:1:1.

Would anyone know why this is happening?