Set Scalar Parameter Value broken ? Or is it just me ?

So i have been tearing my hair for months on this issue and tried so many different ways to do this with blueprints and truly given up.

I copied the material from the example HUD to use the health bar for this. And theirs seems to work however they project it to the hud.

I have used the Mixamo meshes and edited the MixamoCharacter_Master > Event graph so when one of them gets hit by the first person shooter projectile they lose 0.05 health.

However it never updates the Scalar Parameter Value hb_param.

Testing shows that the float value decrements and prints to the screen. its even instanced so if you shoot someone else they have they right health value. But when assigning the value to the scalar parameter value.

I used a plane with a material on it. I originally tried with a material billboard but with the same results.


Can someone confirm if this is a bug or I am doing something wrong here.

EDIT*** I know its hard to see but the last screen shot has the guys health set to 0.95 yet he still has a full health bar. Yet if i manually set the value in the Material all their health bars change accordingly.

So just to show the Param here it is in the material.

EDIT*** Reference to the tutorial video at 1:58 showing where he creates it from the mesh itself and not the material. Intro to Materials: Dynamic Material Instances cont. | 10 | v4.0 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube


Note this material is exactly the same as the example one unreal offers in the blueprint_HUD example. I just change the colour and the name of the param. But when I had the param name to the same as the example it also didn’t work.


I actually got this working. After watching the Unreal tutorial on Dynamic Material Instances.

I realised you can’t create them from materials you have to create them from the mesh. As soon as I changed my reference to the mesh => material instead of just material. It began to work.

I think the billboard sprites continue to not work though. But thats fine If it works with planes that is good enough for me :).