Set Scalability Settings for individual texture groups?

This should be possible since many other games seem to do this (like Gears 4 etc.) - I want to be able to control the scalability of Texture LOD groups individually in an options menu. So for example, I can have:

Character Texture Quality
Environment Texture Quality


Any idea what console commands or areas I need to look at?

Came here from Google, was gunna bump it with a question, but then searched some more using the forum search engine and came upon this: Control texture size in-game - Unreal Engine Forums

Basically you create a separate DeviceProfile not for different platforms but for different Scalability settings within the same platform, each containing different Texture Group definitions, and then override the current DeviceProfile at runtime while Scalability gets changed in your options menu…

I imagine to improve a bit on his solution, you could fill the “BaseProfileName=” field where he’s defining the DeviceProfiles to inherit other (non-TextureGroup) settings from a “master” DeviceProfile without having to copy and paste them into each Profile…