Set rotation of a mesh on a spline?

So I followed the fantastic tutorial on making a road tool with splines.

The one frustration I am running into at this point is finding a way to be able to change the rotation of the mesh I am using. Can this be done via the blueprint or does the source mesh have to be rotated the correct way? I already have the set forward set up, but that obviously doesn’t do it.

I could be wrong, but I think it is Y that has to be set at 90.

Do not have a project open to test


Narghile: thanks for the reply. I am not concerned about the actual axis to rotate on. I am trying to make a variable that the user can change to change the rotation of the mesh that is on the spline. For example when I put on a wall piece, it is facing the wrong way. So I want to be able to rotate that static mesh that is on the spline. Not individually on the points, but just overall. So when it tiles the mesh they are lined up properly.

The video I followed was here if it helps any.


Have watched this tutorial. So you want to make a spline that at certain points to have the Material to be able to change or are you looking at changing the rotation of the Mesh in that sector?


The mesh that I can assign to this spline. I want the user to be able to set the rotation of that mesh on the spline. For example rotate it on its Z axis 90 degrees. Right now I have some meshes that are like ||||| on the spline instead of -----. So if I rotate it 90 it will then be -----.

Do not want to set this individually at each point. Just for the entire spline it uses that rotation with that mesh.


From what I know, this is not possible. Someone out there may correct me, but as far as I know, a spline is a constant.


But if you are setting a mesh on the spline… what’s to stop you from modifying that mesh before it is attached to the spline mesh component?

Thanks for all the replies so far. =)

As far I know A spline is a replicating tool.

You may need to do this in C++.


Ok. Well thanks much for the help Narghile. Much appreciated. If some one else disagrees I hope they will reply with a solution to this haha.

I suppose, an easy way to find out. Can you click on a section and change the rotation of that section?

If you can do it in the editor, there is a CHANCE you can do it in the game.


Don’t want to do it in game. When I say user… I mean me or another developer laying out the splines.

You need to set the forward axis of the spline mesh component to that of the static mesh used.

Just taking a guess here, that’s probably not an option that existed in 2015.