Set rotation for parent only


I have several rooms (meshes) with at least one door (actor BP) as Parent. Each time I open a door, a random room is moving to the position of the door so that the rooms are “spawning” infinitely. I have attached the walls and object for each room to ONE door blueprint, so that I only have to use that door for target when moving it. But I also want to open the door with the SetActorRotation function. But the problem here is, that the whole room is rotating then.

I tried to detach the actors, but then they don’t keep their rotation/location but they’re deformed or merged together. For detaching I used the “keep relative” rule for location, rotation and scale, but I tried the others aswell.

Is there a way to set the rotation for the parent object only?

I hope someone has an idea, because I’m a littlebit confused now.