Set Roll while "Use Pawn Control Rotation" is enabled

Hello, how would I set the roll of my camera while “Use Pawn Control Rotation” is enabled? I can’t seem to do it correctly. I originally had “Use Pawn Control Rotation” disabled (which let me set the roll), but I enabled it because when it was disabled, the camera was acting weird. Weird as in, when you change the pitch of the camera (for example, look down), the camera leans forward into the rotation. If I’m not clear, just create a simple character with a camera that you can look around with. Disable “Use Controller Rotation Roll” and “Use Controller Rotation Pitch”, then go to the camera component and try looking around with “Use Pawn Control Rotation” enabled and disabled. You’ll see that it leans into the rotation when it’s disabled which is weird. Any help? What I am trying to achieve a leaning effect by setting the roll of my camera, but I can’t do it because the roll seems to be locked when Use Pawn Control Rotation is enabled. It works fine when Use Pawn Control Rotation is disabled, but the camera leans into rotations which is an unwanted effect. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I had the same issue but solved it by disabling “Use Pawn Control Rotation” and just setting the pitch of the camera manually in Tick instead:

CameraComponent->RelativeRotation.Pitch = GetController()->GetControlRotation().Pitch;

Then to get my camera roll I just added a SceneComponent, made the camera a child of that component, then rolled it as I wanted.