Set relative transform doesn't work

guys i have a static mesh on my c character which I want it to simulate physics at some point and then after some time I want to reset it back to where it was, on the first part everything works fine but when I want to reset things back it somehow doesn’t work. the static mesh is somewhere in the space in the wrong position.

this is how I set it to simulate physics.

this is how I want to reset it, but the mesh doesn’t go to its original positions

your set relative transform seems to have hardcoded information.
So it seems it will go to the same exact position all the time. is that ok?
because maybe you should store the original position in a variable and then
link that original position to the location input od the setrelative transform
Also using RELATIVE transforms looks strange. hard to tell.

I actually solved the issue by re attaching the static mesh back to the root component. Looks like when u simulate physics on static mesh it detaches from the parent and doesn’t just get re attached automatically when u disable physics .