Set range shortcut key not working in shots

I am working in shots in sequencer. The shortcut key for setting playback range doesn’t work inside shots. I don’t know if it’s on purpose or what and I’ve tried to search for why it might not be working but did not find anything. So I am assuming it’s a bug. If it’s not a bug and there is a way to get it working I would like to know then. Thanks.

EDIT: Also am using source build version. Maybe if there is a way there that can fix this, it’d be good.

I should’ve probably posted it in another section. But at the time I didn’t know which one would’ve been better.

Oh I see. Thanks a lot. I will test it out still and see how much work is effected by turning this feature on.

Did you mean to post this in a different section?

Yeah, probably need to be in a different section. But I’ll answer…

This is intentional. Modifying the playback range inside a shot can possibly end up affecting other shots if this source is used multiple times. If you want to take a stab at changing the code yourself and loosening this restriction, take a look at Sequencer.cpp. Remove:

FCanExecuteAction::CreateSP( this, &FSequencer::IsViewingMasterSequence ) );

from SetStartPlaybackRange and SetEndPlaybackRange so that they look like this:

    FExecuteAction::CreateSP( this, &FSequencer::SetPlaybackRangeStart ) );


	FExecuteAction::CreateSP( this, &FSequencer::SetPlaybackRangeEnd ) );