Set properties of Instanced Static Mesh

I am instancing several hundred static meshes for a crowd and I need to some how change the properties of thes meshes before or immeditely after they are instanced.

If I drag a single Static Mesh to the stage these are the properties in Details panel I needs to change

1 Mobility set to Movable
2 Cast Shadow enabled
3 Distance Field Indirect Shadow enabled
4 Dynamic Shadow enabled
5 Affect Distance Field Lighting enabled.

How can this be done from the Blueprint when all of my static meshes are defined inside arrays?

When you create the instance, you get a chance to set it’s properties. As far as I can see, 1 and 2 are possible, and the rest are not…

Do you create at runtime? Create BP for all objects. BP will be created with class (component) settings.

No when the application launches in my Construction Script.