Set projectile End location

I’m trying to do a Target Based MMORPG and I can shoot my projectiles away but can somebody help me how to set my projectile to always fly to my target? I know I need to get the location of my target I can handle that , I just don’t know how to set my projectile to always fly to a specific location.

Thanks for help

There are a few ways.

What type of movement do you have? Did you code it yourself or are you using the projectile movement component?

If it’s the projectile component all you gotta do is rotate it so it looks towards your target location. You do that via the “Get Look At Rotation” node.

If it’s coded by yourself just get the target location vector - the current location vector and multiply that by the distance it should fly that tick.

Could be a little old topic but, I think he’s talking about “homing” the projectile.
Your projectile first has to have a ProjectileMovement component, there you set it as a homing projectile.
After you have spawned it you have to set the homing location, how you do it is up to you.