Set plane constraint from "local" axis?


Is it possible to do something like that?

Basically i’ve done a cover system, and i’m a the point where i try to lock the player to left/right direction only.

I’ve tried setting a branch after “input axis move forward” (i’m using 3rd person template) but that’s not really what i want.

So i tried using “Set plane constraint axis setting” and it does the trick but only on one side of the wall. (one face is x, the other is y…)

So is there something like Set plane constraint from “local” axis that i could use?


I saw a post from PenguinTD answering similar question :

“planar movement section in Movement component offers a plane origin and normal for you to define where your cover wall is, and a constrain to plane/snap to plane at start switch.
(it’s like “the” Epic thing to have. remember to offset your plane away from actual cover wall to allow capsule to play nicely.)”

But i don’t understand it :o

Any help would be awesome! :slight_smile: