Set PhysicsConstraintComponent Variable While Gameplay is possible? c++

I have some question while in gameplay, I want to change PhysicsConstriantComponent Varaible.

PhysicsConstraintComponent is Attached to Blueprint Actor (Hook) and I want to Set Component Name to Character`s Skeletal Mesh component and bone.

I was initialize those variable using this function.
ConstraintComp->ConstraintActor1 = this;
ConstraintComp->ConstraintActor2 = SpawnedCharacter;
ConstraintComp->SetConstrainedComponents(HookMesh, TEXT(“WireSocket”), SpawnedCharacter->GetMesh(), TEXT(“hand_rSocket”));
But it`s not working.

Seems like Variables are stored how i want but, The physics constraint`s functionalityis not working.

The error is showing like this.

Am i doing something wrong?

This is different story, I`m currently creating like grappling mechanism, Is this right to way get that functionality?

I’m not a native English speaker, so the context might be weird. Please understand.