set Physics Material using BluePrint?

Like my Blueprint’s mesh material itself, I would like to set the Phys Material Override using the construction script for each item placed in the level.
But I can’t find a function to set it on the mesh, nor a variable type for it.
Am I just stupid, or is there some other way to do this, or none at all?

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried creating a dynamic material instance in the BP and change the values on that?


Sounds like a goos suggestion, but without success.
I’ve created a materialInstance(Constant) consisting of a Material and a PhysMaterial.
Then in the ConstructionScript plugged a variable containing a materialInstanceConstant into the material of my mesh, so I can change thematerial from the world setup.
It takes over the material itself flawless, but it seems to neglect the PhysMaterial I set on the MaterialInstance.

I’m surely doing somethign wrong, but I have no idea what.
Any additional info would be greatly appreciated.

I have just recently viewed a video from the unreal channel on youtube on networking. There, one of the things he did was drop a sphere to the world which changed its color based on some logic in a BP. If I remember correctly, he did it the way I mentioned.

Why don’t you zap through the tutorial and see if that covers what you want to achieve:


It looks like ‘Set Physical Material Override’ is not currently exposed to Blueprints. I’ll fix that now!