Set Physical Material Override seems broken in UE5. Chaos bug?

Swapping Physical Material with “Set Physical Material Override” during runtime is not working well in UE5 compared to UE4.

A sphere with a Low Friction Physical Material swaps to a High Friction Physical Material when moving. User press B to flip-flop between Physical Materials.

In UE4:

The new High Friction PM will take effect right away. In the video, the high friction takes effect right away.

In UE5:

The High Friction PM will only take effect when the sphere hits a different static mesh/surface/objects/hit proxies/etc. Unlike UE4, the High Friction only takes effect when the sphere is hitting something different, it is like it needs to be refresh. Is it asleep?

I really don’t know why it is not working like in UE4, has it is supposed to be…?!

Is this only my UE5? Did anyone else notice this bug as well?

Any tips would be very helpful, thank you

Same here, using 5.1.1, but still no change…

It says:
Friction was the only thing I wanted to change, but it´s not happening…

Tried it with sending them to sleep and wake up, but doesn´t help.
Same with disable and enable “simulate physics” again.