Set on widget an action key

Hello. I have some actions in my project settings. I wanted to know how can I set on blueprints a text so it will show the key that is supposed to be pressed in order to perform this action.
I click E to shoot, so on screen it will show “press E to shoot”. And I want it to update everytime I change the action key in the settings.

Thank you!

You want to do use a widget blueprint, I’ve just knocked one up quickly as an example, it may not be exactly what you want but it will push you in the right direction.

So I created a widget blueprint with just a single text input that can be set from a function.

Then I added that widget to, in this case, my character. Normally I’d probably set it to the HUD or something but this was faster for the example.

Then whenever I called it I got a reference to my input I wanted to get information on and sent it to the function that I had created in the widget earlier.


I haven’t set an action to remove it from the screen but I’m sure you can work that out.

Again this is pretty rough but it shows you how to get the information that you are after, and will automatically update when you update the action mapping.

Thanks a lot!!! I will try it very soon.

Good luck!

It works!!! Thank you <33333333333333