Set of conditions

Let’s see if I can explain myself. There is this one level, the map is all white, then on the right there is a box, when you click it the color changes, now it is red. You place it on a floor plate and this causes all the red doors to open unless those doors require another color as well. Suppose there are two doors and both need blue in addition to red, so they are not open. But there is a button. Then you go and click the button two times and you change the color of the button to blue. Then a door opens, the second one, you press the button and the first one opens but the second one closes.

I have variables set for the color. Now I want the door to check these variables whenever the box is on the plate, and if they are true then make the door open (I know how to animate it, I just need the conditional part).

I think if you get the first part working, then it will become more obvious how to code the second part.

Are you asking about the Conditions or how to get the color information to the Door actors?

Because the condition is pretty simple.
(just replace the bools with integers or even the actual linear color if you feel the need.)

Sorry for the delay, I was asking for the conditions right, but I wasn’t asking for this conditional part but rather for how to make the door see if the box is in a plate or not… The plate has currently a system that detects whether this is true and adds the box into an array which could then be checked by the door “I am guessing”, but I don’t know how to share that info either.`


The way to tell if something is of type X, is to cast to X.

Ah, so you need some fundamentals of Blueprint Communication (there’s a good course on it in lear-Online Courses)

To talk to one Blueprint from another, you need a reference to it. The blue pin you can drag out to read/set its variables or call its events.

Say, this event which sets the color of a carried box (held by the character) based on the integer color being used to represent colors (0=Black, 1=Red, 2=Blue)

If you need to reach this in every bp_character in the game world, you can loop through all of them by getting all actors of their class.

But maybe you just need the actor that bumped into this object’s collision.

And of course, the blueprints you register with the project can be called with their class type and the project’s reference.
Eg, if you pick a game mode in Maps and Modes…
Or if you pick a game Instance there.


Ok… so following up on this post: Set of conditions

Let me know if this is close to what you are after: ThirdPersonPractice Unreal Editor 2021 11 25 01 54 58 - YouTube

If it is, you’ll have to ask more specific questions, because after creating this quick demo I’m sure it’s not what you expect it to be under the hood.