Set NavModifier mobility in blueprint

I try to be able to spawn actors with attached NavModifier Components on runtime, but at the moment that does not work.

In this post Rama pointed out that it’s needed to change the mobility of the NavModifier to movable. Unfortunately this seems to be not possible from blueprint.

Is there any workaround or can you just confirm I have no possibility to do this from blueprint?

You’re mixing two concepts. Rama was talking about NavModifierVolume and it’s not the same as NavModifierComponent. In general NavModifierComponent should always automatically move with it’s owner.

Having said that - I’ve just checked and it’s bronek :confused: The NavModifierComponent doesn’t update its location (well, it doesn’t have a location per se, but from the user point of view). I’ve filed it as a bug, but won’t get fixed before 4.8. Sorry!



I love how even the bugreport filed for this Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-11716) is listed as Fixed while it seems still very bugged to me… I have my components set up to affect navigation and dynamic runtime navmesh generation yet no cookie.
Am I doing something wrong I wonder…?