Set multiple locked axis in Physics

I am currently trying to create a blast of air that moves objects in my project (think Deku leaf). I want it to feel fluid and natural so rather than scripting animations for everything I’m trying to use physics. The thing is certain things need to just say move along a track in one direction. I am trying to use the locked axis option in the details panel under Physics but I can’t figure out how to lock multiple axis at the same time.

Setting a single axis such as X, Y or Z is super simple. But if I choose custom, I don’t have a clue what to set each axis in order to have them locked?

Hi Braxzy,

The values that you enter here are either 0 or 1. 0 is not locked and 1 is locked.

If more than one axis is locked at a time it may have unwanted behavior. I’m investigating that issue now.

Another possible solution for what you are trying to do is to use Physics Constraint Components.



Okay, the main purpose of the Custom Axis Locking is to transition between planes in a 2D style game. I have entered a report for our docs team to add additional documentation on this feature.